Control method:

According to the advice received by the ICF from Dr. Billings, and from its counterpart Eng. J. Vicente Espino M., have been defined as control method par excellence, the cut and control (cut and leave ). The main recommendation is that the outbreaks in expansion should be controlled (Fig. 1) while they are small using the cut-and-leave method (Fig. 2) in order to reduce the economic and ecological losses.

Fig. 1: An outbreak of Dendroctonus frontalis in expansion contains pine trees in the three attack phases and deserves a high priority for control.

Fig. 2: Cutting and control (cut and leave) is the most recommended method to control small and medium sized sprouts (less than 10 hectares). It should be applied to cut and control the outbreak as soon as possible after having detected it and before it affects more than one hectare.

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